A Year of Digital Painting

Spent last Nov/December holed up into digital art, the one thing I derived a sense of stability from. With protests going on outside my room–constantly, it seemed–and wishy-washy people fluttering around and tests looming ahead, art was an escape. So I drew. A lot. Mostly on the computer using Wacom tablets–the library had them. They … More A Year of Digital Painting


Interior Design

Here are images of a virtual dream apartment I designed this afternoon. The style is contemporary; the primary colors are grey and white; the accents are pink and blue, my favorite colors. In real life, I’d string up fairy lights and add a few throws. And maybe more paintings. I’ve been obsessing over interior design … More Interior Design

bad cliffhangers

my memories keep me warm until I remember they’re just memories I wrote that in the summer first I was defiant then I was tired then I was reminiscent but mostly I was sad sometimes i wonder what the sheer durability of emotion says about humanity and whether it says anything at all and i … More bad cliffhangers

happiness floods, stream of consciousness

cool air fading sunsets silhouettes of schoolchildren swinging high high high up I don’t know what it is about dipping temperatures that evokes deep nostalgia for Octobers for plaid skirts that weren’t enough for holey knit lumpgreen sweaters for Halloween nights and panda-looking eyes for reflective lakes reflective tears reflective friendships moving on we moved … More happiness floods, stream of consciousness


Reminder to self: we’re all a part of a giant shared collective experience mired in good and evil and love and fear and desire and emptiness and peace and calamity. (We are all made of stardust.)

May 2018 | Daily Art

To see more works from May, you can scroll down in the box below The road not taken, Robert Frost. 5.1.18| Daily Art Violet wash. 5.2.18| Daily Art “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince 5.3.18| Daily Art Doodling designs for you, … More May 2018 | Daily Art

Visual Journal

In a crafty fury I’ve gone out and bought a new sketchbook, postcard book and scrapbook materials. I’ve been crafting like a wild crafts storm, spending hours pasting, trimming, doodling, painting, etc. Here’s a glimpse at something I digitally sketched today.

Nihilistic Summers

I wake up to words ending in -less. Like: meaningless, aimless. It’s just another episode of Rick and Morty all over again where the aliens have taken over the world and they’re left to escape into another dimension where nothing matters, nobody chooses to live, and we all die anyways. Now come watch some TV. Starting … More Nihilistic Summers


In class we learned the three types of gazes: the burlesque gaze, the male gaze, and the medical gaze.

Dope Prints

  “For every dope room requires dope prints” – Dope Rooms 12:19 (Some daily dose of aesthetic, in case you were looking for any.) I’m bouncing off the walls in excitement, giddy headache-inducing joy, formatting and re-formatting prints on Photoshop. Happy, I’m so happy, I’m really happy–look, prints!


Peace-ing out. For now. Not a fan of processing things publicly, but I’ll see you soon, WordPress.