Accidental Date II

The best dates are accidental – the bookstore/coffeeshop you didn’t expect, the historic square you didn’t anticipate, the flea market you didn’t know about. Today had all three – the bookstore/coffeeshop, the historic square, the flea market. I had an itch to go somewhere, maybe a bookstore or coffeeshop, preferably somewhere with space, parking, novelties, … More Accidental Date II


Big Time Feels

We stayed up tonight to watch movies. Big Time Adolescence was beautiful. Sad. I didn’t expect it to be. It echoed like a hodgepodge of books, friends, movies. Perks of Being a Wallflower. Catcher in the Rye. Us. And yet, it was, all at once, uniquely itself. There is something so striking and moving and … More Big Time Feels


When I enter the home, there’s a billow of warmth. I associate this with Christmas: winter’s biting contrast. Orange lights. Woody smells. Space heaters scattered across the floor. I think of all the things that made me love the holidays. Not gifts or merchandise. More of the intangibles. Like the bustle of people at the … More Billow

Last Week at NASA

Next week is my last week at NASA. I start the new job in two weeks, one day after my last final of the semester. Following this year will be my last semester of graduate school. And then I’ll have my Master’s degree in Psychology, my love of a profession. As I flip through the … More Last Week at NASA


On the couch, curled up with a soft grey blanket. Listening to Christmas tunes on the radio. Watching my guinea pigs munch on hay in the living room. I bring them out to run and they’re just lying there, chomping on hay. I guess I can’t blame them. They are my sweet little pigs. I’ve … More Mulled

Churning Arms

My body cannot physically handle the excitement. NASA. What? I keep forgetting and remembering it and then my arms, like, churn? Like, who knew your arms could churn from excitement? Anticipation? What? Is life? Am I dreaming? The whole process has been so weirdly serendipitous. I don’t even know. I honestly feel like I’m in … More Churning Arms

Accidental Date

In the evening, we visited the bar x bookstore x coffeeshop with the fat bright bulbs in the back and edgy writer Meetups behind us. This was an accidental-date. Hours earlier in the grocery line, I had remarked that I was officially tired of dates, having gone to a fancy French restaurant three days ago. Despite … More Accidental Date

Dear diary,

I am at a boba shop, curled into the corner, taro boba and book by my side. I am reading Fruit of the Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras and finding comfort in the italicized Spanish and descriptions of Colombia. It reminds me of the books I read by Dominican writers, when they’d mix two … More Dear diary,


He took me to see a play. An interactive play, a wild play, a play where audience-goers could munch on fudge sundaes and toss popcorn whenever. Wherever! At whomever. In all the time I’ve been here, I never knew such a scene existed. Plays were overpriced, heavy, weighty, nursed in fat auditoriums of Friday night … More 🙂


The past Thanksgiving week with le beau has been well-spent. I turned in whatever I had the day before our last day, not really caring if I got 0’s or 100’s or 50’s, and then skipped the next day of class to begin my break early. I went shopping, rested, hung out with my boyfriend, … More Upshore

This Weekend

Friday was mulled wine night. We sat and drank spiced rum-infused red wine and talked the night away to trap Christmas and a digital fireplace blazing away on the TV. I forget what we talked about but I had four cups of wine and the room span for the most part. Saturday was date night, … More This Weekend

Que será será

Landed the internship! They called this morning. That brightened up my day. In terms of title, pay, field (it’s Industrial Organizational Psychology specific, yes!) and location, everything fell together perfectly. I feel a mixture of happiness and relief–this is one less thing I’ll have to worry about or work towards. I’m also just excited. This … More Que será será


My guinea pigs are squeaking with delight. C is leaning into his food bowl to grab pellets and hay; B is chewing vigorously on his new chew toy. They look like twins, but one is a bit smaller and lighter. The right one is C. The left one is B. My guinea pigs are the … More Piggies


It feels good to have talked to my best friend I know I’m really awful at texting and calling and checking in as much as I should But it’s just really good to finally make that round and circle back to the ones I care about It was nice to hear her voice (And my … More Crunchy


This is us, scream shouting 2000s hip hop into the 55 mph summer wind. Kanye, POWER. Pop, lock, and drop it. Yeah! Usher. Lose Control. Snoop Dogg. Soulja Boy. This is me, remembering some obscure Kanye and Missy Elliot lyrics, swooshing my belly around in the passenger seat. This is you, bewildered but hitting all … More Tonight

Pause, Rewind

“I wish I could pause time and moments like this without having to think about what’s next.” Pause. The sun set. We were quiet. It felt like the moment when my friends and I were in Central Park, New York. We’d found a pond with ducks and turtles facing a castle in in the distance. … More Pause, Rewind


  It’s a bittersweet day. Exhaustion’s hitting me in waves. At work I wrote stream-of-consciousness poems in my yellow fineapple notebook. I wrote about the way the sunlight filtered in, the way I let our presence expand, the way the green fabric folded, how I held onto time and just listened. There wasn’t much to … More Bittersweet

The Night We Met

Sometimes I’ll have moments I know I’ll remember for a long time. Years later, they’ll come as flashbacks, these fleeting connections. Before I’d never imagined how much certain people would mean to me. Then it was like something had cracked the casing around my heart like a nut and I was the Grinch with a … More The Night We Met