Disposable Aesthetic

sculpture garden

disposable film 35mm photography

I love the way disposable film turns out: soft, fuzzy, warm, bright.

Like describing vintage in hues–

Like if nostalgic were a look, it’d be this.

disposable film 35mm photography city

disposable film 35mm photography beauty spanish

disposable film 35mm photography city art street urban


Warmer Days


It’s National Squirrel Appreciation Day! Feed a local squirrel.

1.14.18| Daily Art


Pier at Dusk


At eleven I was enamored by sunsets—wash of pinkish orange, streaks of yellow, fading violet in the sky. The byproduct of our pollution, I read somewhere. Happy-go-lucky as ever, I found the silver lining: look at how beautiful human destruction can be.

1.1.18 | Daily Art


Empire State of Mind

new york city skyline landscape photography

Photographed this about three years ago. I miss New York and all its lights; I’ve been itching to visit for the past year or so.  In my general consumption of rom-com movies–always based in NYC (of course) and around Christmas (yes), Christmas lights, in particular, have become somewhat of a myth.

So I’m going back soon–for the sixth time!–this time to see the Christmas lights!


That’s Just The Wave


Feelings are much like waves; we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf. – Jonatan Martensson




Sometimes I find myself lost in paintings: the best pieces, I think, are transportive. You’re no longer in the pristine museum with white walled divides or the living room with its gaudy frames. You’re on some field instead, climbing over oil globs and brush marks and resting in blended shade. You’re on the rainbow trail dotted with pink painted flora. You’re somewhere else instead, dancing in visual reverie.