Daily Portrait Challenge

Another month, another daily challenge. This June, I painted a portrait a day on the iPad Procreate app. Although the challenge was difficult, I was excited to learn about the expansive capabilities available in Procreate. And ’twas thanks to le beau, too – after completing my first horror-themed Inktober 2020, le beau gifted me an iPad. … More Daily Portrait Challenge



I’m a fountain of love in the shape of a girl / You’re a bird on the brim, hypnotized by the whirl Completed graphite portrait of Bjork, first sketch in my new portraits notebook. Every time I think of Bjork, I hear her melodious tittering voice and Bachelorette in my head.


Time-lapse digital painting of a girl I’ve named Violet posing against a violet background. Like the song Violet by Daniel Caesar: you’re my violet in the sun. 

Something Uncanny

There’s something called the uncanny valley, “the hypothesis that human replicas that appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit feelings of eeriness and revulsion.” It’s the intersection between realness and artificiality that unnerves and disturbs.  The Uncanny Valley’s always intrigued me–what’s it about creepy humanoid likeness that disgusts, fascinates, weirds us out? … More Something Uncanny

Celestial Epistaxis

Another fancy name for nosebleed, a set of constellations in the sky. Can you see the W? I pretend I can. But if you use your imagination hard enough, anything can morph into the alphabet.. Cassiopeia: not a body of stars, but pronunciations we stumble on a Saturday night.


A swarm of thoughts, a hive of nightmares. Pen and ink sketch from when I was restless in the office. I’d oft sidle my way into the Creatives room at my first internship. (Speaking of which, I got the writing position!)

Lyrics Overhead

Backwards and forwards but no direction feels true / I know i can feel you cry when I’m / High above those clouds / But I must go chase this stream of mind


Sketching Bjork, Icelandic artist and singer. Recently I bought a new sketchbook that I’m planning to fill up with realistic graphite portraits, starting with…Bjork.


Peace-ing out. For now. Not a fan of processing things publicly, but I’ll see you soon, WordPress.