Sketchbook Tour: Faces & Figures

Figments from my figure drawing sketchbook. Five years ago, wanting to draw more from life, I, totally not creepy at all, started sketching people and figures around me. This included professors and students and strangers; some references were from the Internet, while others were people sitting directly across from me, probably trying to figure out … More Sketchbook Tour: Faces & Figures



We’re all the same type of people, loners who love and lone together, and there is no other relationship more fulfilling than knowing that you’re someone else’s person (not even in a romantic context) and they’re yours. … More Stream

City and Colour

I wish I could do better by you ‘Cause that’s what you deserve You sacrifice so much of your life In order for this to work – The Girl, City and Color


We lived on the third floor. Outside, people hung their laundry. I’d peer at their linen waving in the wind, yellowed boxers, bras and shirts. Don’t air your dirty laundry. At night, I would hear cats squealing, cars honking. I’d wake up, startled, then fall back asleep. During the daytime, I lounged around, bored. I … More Motherland

Lights Under My Eyes

two twenty. AM. 2:21. AM. Two 21. AM. why am I so restless? coffee. wheat thins. crumbs. caffeine. caf –feine. feign. feigning kindness. questions I have for insomnia: are you neurological? genetic? psychological? physical? are you the thoughts churning through my head rapid-pace without regard for gravity, space, time? are you the 100 grams of caffeine laced … More Lights Under My Eyes


In between ceramic tiles, I empathize with Murakami’s characters (disjointed, numb). I’m reminded of how disconnected I’d once felt, as if this was myself but somehow it wasn’t. I tossed and turned, ran through storms, writhed in bed. Wondered: and so how did she, this other self, feel? Because I felt nothing. Between shallow breaths … More Disjointed


“I like you; your eyes are full of language.” [Letter to Anne Clarke, July 3, 1964.]”

Visual Journal

In a crafty fury I’ve gone out and bought a new sketchbook, postcard book and scrapbook materials. I’ve been crafting like a wild crafts storm, spending hours pasting, trimming, doodling, painting, etc. Here’s a glimpse at something I digitally sketched today.


Found some digital copies of my 2013-2014 sketchbook for art class the other day; we’d be assigned to research different artists who’d inspired us, then creatively combine findings, thoughts, and critiques on their works.I’d write about Warhol, Otero, and Picasso, jumping from one art form to another–one week I’d cover satirical pop art, then self-portrait … More Sketchbook

Subconscious Dialogue

A friend from high school commented on this image with a really beautiful analysis: The dimmed out face in a way feels bolder than the bolder face. Feels like it’s striking you even though it’s so subtle.  I interpreted it as someones subconscious talking to their conscious self. Really love this piece. It makes me … More Subconscious Dialogue