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Jar of Hearts


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Skin Above My Brows

Every few months, I’ll get the itch to lop off some hair. Sometimes it’ll starts to feel a little long. Or heavy. Or unhealthy, splits-endy, riddled with brassy blonde forks. Or, as in the case of 2016, my hair dryer will simply break in the middle of February, coldest time of year, and I’ll be too lazy to buy a new one, so I’ll cut off my hair instead.

This time, though, it just spun too many times when I bunn’ed it over my head. The ends felt speckled and dry and fried, probably from all the hydrogen peroxide I doused it in over the summer. It just felt weird. Too long. Too light. Too dry. So I cut off four inches–a pretty moderate snip, if you know me.

Last time, I went overboard, chopped off a layer so short it hung parallel to my ear.

It feels short and clean and healthy right now. The ends are dark, the way they should be, and not forked or fried at the ends. I thinned out my hair as well but it feels the right amount of thick, enough to keep my scalp warm (I hope), but not so thick I feel like a tree.

Since I was already on the grooming train, I figured I’d do my eyebrows as well. So I threaded those bad boys. My skin above my brow’s burning a little now.

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Collective Effervescence


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1.6.18 | Daily Art


Dinner and Daiquiri


1:5.jpgDuring the day we went to the mall, chowed down on the savory and sweet. At Paciugo, I mixed Coconut gelato with Fruity Tutti for a light, beachy taste, sweet and tangy. I kept imagining the store would one day market the stellar combination, serve it to vacation-going gelato aficionados.

Afterwards we meandered around, stopping by the fountain, a restaurant, a bohemian overpriced home-and-dress shop. The handmade soaps store, less crowded, seemed smaller.

In the afternoon we split a shaved ice milk tea. Initially, it tasted like cold sand that’d melt into your mouth and turn into watery milk ice cream. The owner plucked in an ice cream fish, a sweet pastry stuffed with vanilla ice cream. On the house, she chirped.

Afterwards, we ate dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, where we sat across a massive fake tree and by long tables of families and co-workers. I finished my meal off with a strawberry daiquiri, texted several belated thanks, and cozied up at home.

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