Hot Summer Nights, Mid-July

In June, le beau gifted me the Fujifilm X-E3. Long story short, I discovered a Fujifilm-dedicated blog, scampered down the rabbit hole, and decided the camera was everything I’d ever dreamed of. Next thing you know, le beau’s ordered it! 🥺 I ended up getting the pancake lens shortly afterwards. Like bad CPR, Fujifilm has … More Hot Summer Nights, Mid-July


In Retrospect

    Reading journal entries from last year, and my, oh my, how things have changed. Thirteen months ago, I lamented joblessness, the friendzone, ghosts of friends past, nihilism and more. Topics of this blog would crop up regularly–what I was doing, what was up with the name, was it even worth posting on? I’d feel … More In Retrospect

Rainy Daze

Flowers in-bloom after the rain. If you look closely, you can see rain droplets clinging to the petals. (Aren’t they beautiful?)


Reading: a method of self-annihilation, also a method of escapism. From what?… probably the world. Normalcy equates to bouts of tragedy punctuated by moments of silence and then yet another tragedy right on the heels of the last until they’re stacked one on top of another and you’re like, well, shit. Lately I’ve been reading … More Reading