From All Sides

He had to learn from all sides in order to truly understand. We all do. We change religions, races, and nationalities. We experience lifetimes of extreme wealth and of abject poverty, of sickness and of health. We must learn to reject all prejudice and hatred. Those who do not will simply switch sides, returning in … More From All Sides

Churning Arms

My body cannot physically handle the excitement. NASA. What? I keep forgetting and remembering it and then my arms, like, churn? Like, who knew your arms could churn from excitement? Anticipation? What? Is life? Am I dreaming? The whole process has been so weirdly serendipitous. I don’t even know. I honestly feel like I’m in … More Churning Arms


The cool kids glowed. I remember pulling out of the school parking lot, turning to see the light they cast onto the muddy field. The girls, the boys, so irresistibly cool. Makeup, lemonade, drugs, minds oh-so-so precocious. You smart aleck; you soon-to-be teen mom. How could we have known? Youth gripped us hard. How could you … More Middle