At night I have been taking melatonin. First it was for the insomnia. Now it’s for the dreams. They weren’t kidding about melatonin dreams. They’re so vivid I can’t always tell what’s real. Though the dream is always real. That I know. But the other day it was the other way around. Reality was the … More Lucid


Daytrip to Milan

We almost went to Milan yesterday, but changed our mind after the train was late. Without anywhere in mind, we walked around Como, consuming pasta and chocolate and pizza and salad. I paired olive oil with fat Sicilian olives and promptly entered the gates of Italian cuisine heaven. After some frantic Googling, though, I was devastated to find that you cannot bring fresh olives through customs. Today we successfully visited Milan, taking the ferry and then the train. … More Daytrip to Milan

Amore, Italia!

Lake Como, Italy, is quite possibly the most beautiful and magical place I’ve ever seen in my life. I have almost no words to describe it. The beauty. The food. The nature. The mountains, the lakes. The way the air smells. It smells familiar – it reminds me of China somehow. At night, the smell of firewood … More Amore, Italia!

Queen of the Mountains

With the two day Swiss Travel Pass, we decided to visit Mount Rigi. Located in the Alps, Mount Rigi “towers majestically between Lakes Lucerne, Zug and Lauerz.” It was a peaceful journey there and back. We took the boat from Lucerne to Vitznau, and then rode the cogwheel railway – Europe’s first mountain train – … More Queen of the Mountains

Christmas in Lucerne

As we sat in the pews of Church of St. Leodegar, a Roman Catholic church in Switzerland, the priests began to sing. Their voices were resonant, accompanied by the pipe organ. My eyes widened. We had just rolled into the pews when they set up the program. We were accidentally attending my first Mass – … More Christmas in Lucerne

Train to Switzerland

On the train from France to Switzerland, we watched the sights pass by us – lakes, marshes, mountains, towns. The French countryside was lovely, living up to its dreamy depictions of old bucolic towns and vast green spaces. We had the entire carriage to ourselves. There were no lines or security or crowds, a stark … More Train to Switzerland

The Eiffel A

  We hopped on the RATP metro towards the Eiffel Tower. This was when a loud Frenchman made sweet love to le beau’s left ear, yelling rapid-fire French, so indignant it sounded holy. After 5 solid minutes of this, we got up and moved. 10 stops later, we were at le Eiffel Tower. My first … More The Eiffel A

Natural History Museum

“Do you think this is what being born feels like?” I peered around the pulsating globelike structure, which the escalator gently pushed us through. Seconds later, we were ushered into the Natural History Museum of South Kensington, London. It was filled with exhibits of rocks, fossils, gems, taxidermies, and dinosaurs. And tons of large schoolchildren. … More Natural History Museum

Like Déjà Vu

On our last day, we visited a touristy ski town, then a local mountain town. It turned out to be the perfect way to cap off our trip. We walked along the streets – drifting in and out of stores, grocers, and museums. We ate rocky road ice cream and drank ginger ale and people-watched. … More Like Déjà Vu

Carpe Diem and All That

This is how we live. Day to day. In the present. Carpe diem and all that. I used to live in the future, I used to plan my life, and then I got there, and I was like, you know what? This is underwhelming. I spent so much time fixated on the destination that I entirely forgot about the journey. I listened to a song waiting for it to end, and when it ended, it was quiet, and I was like, goddamn. In a similar vein, I can’t look to what other people are doing, feeling, or saying, and I can’t treat life like a song that I’m waiting to end. … More Carpe Diem and All That

Dreaming Reality

Dreams are interesting. And strange. A few nights ago, I dreamt of someone whom I haven’t spoken to in nearly 10 years. The dream was vivid. We were on the phone. I haven’t thought of this person in a while. We were mostly Internet friends who Facebook chatted aggressively in 2012 while ignoring each other … More Dreaming Reality

B&W Film

I photographed strangers, artwork, puppies, toys, store fronts, adults on small trains, humans wearing felt panda heads. It was then that I realized: there is so much whimsicalness in the world. So much strangeness and beauty. I began to shift my perception, seeing my surroundings in blacks and whites, hues and gradients, shadows and bright spots. … More B&W Film

Repeating Numbers

Happy 2/22/22! Thought I’d repost this from last Fall. I shared something similar on my Tumblr blog in 2011, too, on 1/11/11, although I’d never been bombarded by numbers until recently. (Also, this stopped around December.) Right before we went on our road trip for the 4th, I started noticing something weird: repeating and consecutive … More Repeating Numbers